Successful Operations with Minimum Disruptions

Over 50 years of proven market experience allows us to guarantee you successful operations with minimum disruptions.

Founded in 1968, Edwards Electrical & Mechanical, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest electrical/mechanical contracting firms in the Midwest. Our growth has been attributed to “providing quality work at or below market prices”. It is this business philosophy that has led to consistent double-digit annual growth over the past decade for both our construction and service divisions.

To support our dedication to long term, cost effective solutions, Edwards Electrical and Mechanical has established a supplier network to provide you savings through our negotiated buying power.

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How It All Began

Don and Ruth Edwards founded Edwards Electrical and Mechanical, Inc. in 1968. The company started out as a small union commercial shop based out of their garage. The business quickly grew and was moved to an old two-story house on East Street in 1970. In 1972, Edwards Electric changed its operation to a merit-based shop, and six short years later, Edwards Electric moved to a 2500 square foot building at the corner of East Street and Merrill. By 1981 this structure became too small, and working with a customer at the time, MacDougall and Pierce, 2500 square feet were added to the building. The company name was then changed to Edwards Electrical and Refrigeration in 1980, and refrigeration is still a part of our product portfolio. In 1998, FirstEnergy Corporation, a registered public utility holding company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, acquired Edwards Electrical & Mechanical. Today Edwards is still one of the largest electrical & mechanical companies in the Midwest. In 2006 Edwards was purchased by the Management Team and once again became privately and locally owned.

Edwards’ Service Division has expanded into three states and operates two offices (Indianapolis, IN. and Columbus, OH.). Our service division specializes in preventative maintenance and offers HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration, generator and electrical services. Each office has its own service support staff and shares the same resources for Accounting, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

Edwards’ Construction Division has capabilities to self-perform Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing trades ensure our customers that we will meet construction schedule for completion of projects and do so within the customer’s budget. Our mission to be a “one–stop merit shop” for all three trades has allowed us the flexibility to do more work with less people. We have been able to pass these efficiencies along to our customers. The “can do” attitude of the Edwards employee has been demonstrated time and again. The vision of our Company is to “Ensure tomorrow’s success by how well we service our customers today”.

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